How to move crosshair down toward the bottom of the screen ?

Is it possible to move crosshair from the exact center of the screen to probably 1/3’rd down toward the bottom edge ?


yes it is possible.

Cool. How though? :slight_smile:

Like the HUD element or where the game registers hit events?

Both I suppose. I’d like for it to be drawn lower, and whatever is done from normal standard crosshair (tracing, etc.) should be done from the lowered one.

The first one is just tweaking the HUD anchors and whatnot i imagine.

Im still figuring out the second bit myself. If i figure something out ill post it here. If you figure out ho, help a brotha out and share aye? :slight_smile:

well the answer to this question depend on so many details you did not care to give us, that I just cannot give you an usefull answer. How is that crosshair drawn to the screen in the first place? Do you mean the crosshair from the fps template?