How to move between first person and weapon camera smoothly?

Hello everyone.
I want to make a FPS game actually and I have made a FPS true camera and a weapon camera. I can move between this two cameras but I want to move between them smoothly. Like Battlefield and CO series that when you have a gun and click on right click, you can see the weapon camera smoothly.
I have searched many times for this and I have seen many Youtube videos, But I haven’t found the way to do this and I got confused.
I’m a beginner so please don’t laugh at me. I want to learn Unreal engine well, so help me to do this.

it seems that’s it. tnx. If I have another problem or I couldn’t to do it, I’ll post again here.

Perhaps this?

It worked actually for third person to first person. I hope it work for first person and weapon camera.