How to move (animate) a group of lightmapped static meshes?

I hate to come across as an idiot, but is this impossible? I have two different floors of a building that will be viewed from the outside, and I want to have the second floor fly in when the user chooses. Having Lightmass’s beautiful lightmaps is an absolute must, so Movable actors is out of the question.

I thought about level streaming, but it seems that the transform can’t be modified after the level is streamed, only before.

I know that “Static” and “Movable” are very descriptive terms for what mobility an object has, but I feel like there should be a workaround. Anybody done anything like this before?

Have a Movable doppelganger of the floor that is replaced by the streamed Static level when it reaches its resting place. This would be more work than I would like and wouldn’t look as pretty.

Forget the animation and just stream the level in or change visibility on objects. Obviously plan B.

Save lightmaps as some sort of texture that I would apply myself if Unreal won’t do it for me? This is getting into territory that I have no clue about…

Make your meshes movable but tick “Light as if static” under lightmass in the detail pannel, bake the lighting and then hide your lights if you don’t want the “lighting need to be rebuilt” warning once your actors moves

This is what i do for a boat scene, everything is moving in the scene and has lightmaps baked

Works perfectly! I knew I wasn’t being an idiot. Thanks for pointing me to that.