How to move actor's blueprint to the player's blueprint

Just copy paste and then try to fix error that maypotentially apper, you also need to recreate varables that piece of code uses. Anything you can place on level and classes like PlayerControlelr or GameMode are actor too, so if you use typical actor nodes they should work on any such blueprint.

Other option is reparenting, which changes base class of your blueprint, you can do that in “Class Settings” in blueprint toolbar, this will move entire blueprint to different class base if you want to do so. Ofcorse you may still get errors in progress specially if you reparent to unrelated classes (class in different branch of class tree).

Note that all blueprints are technically the same, there no types of blueprints, but they are classes and they can be derived from other classes, lot of beginners misunderstand that as seeing them in “Content Browser” lacks that information, open “Class viewer” from Window->Devlopment Tools->Class Viewer and try search your blueprints it, it should open your yes. Btw this is how normally classes was viewed ever since very first UE1, and i still wonder myself why epic decided to prioritize placing classes (including C++ classes) in “Content Browser” in UE4

If by “Player blueprint” you mean Player Controller, it is not normal actor (but it part of the world and can have a component as much as any other actor and htey will normally work), you might want to retarget some of the nodes to pawn that it controls and you can get reference to it via “Get Controlled Pawn”. Same goes with game mode which is actor that controls entire flow of the game.

I have a question how to transfer a variable from the actor’s blueprint to the player’s blueprint.
It’s exactly the Is Overlapping function.
Can you show me how to do it?

Can you clarify this? What do you mean you want to move a “variable” which is “exactly” the “overlapping function”?? The “Is Overlapping” function is not a “variable” it is a function…it does the work of finding what actors overlap another component/actor. Almost every blueprint class can implement the “Is Overlapping” function. If you are in a blueprint that does not implement this, it is because you can’t implement it like within a player controller for example as controllers are never “overlapped” directly by anything. So please clarify what you are trying to achieve.

If you need to handle overlap from a non-Actor object, then You must handle it in an Actor object and then call a function in the non-Actor object from there.