How to move Actor by BP Interface?

I’m having some trouble getting me ComponentBeginOverlap to register any overlap. It won’t shoot to my Branch :frowning:

Does any of you have an idea of what I’m doing wrong?

Try a print before the branch to see if the event is even firing and try a print in the false option or your branch to see if the interface is being recognized.

The event isn’t firing, as I wrote to begin with - it won’t shoot to my branch. What could be the reason for an overlap event not to trigger?

The event isn’t firing, as I wrote to begin with

Ok so I’ll assume you already did those 2 print tests beforehand. A reason for an overlap not to trigger is if the collision channels you are using are set to ignore each other. Another reason could be that there is no collision to begin with.

If you want to I can check the project, just give me a download link and I will do some tests.

Edit: Another reason I just remembered now is that both of the components that are overlapping need to have the Generate Overlap Events checked.

Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

I think i figured it out. When I tested, I had the colliding boxes overlapping each other from the get go. When I copied my setup into the FirstPersonBP and started elsewhere and walked into the trigger it worked. Can anyone from the staff confirm that overlapping events don’t work unless they start off by not overlapping?