How to Modify Level from Widget Blueprint


I’ve got my main menu set up as a “Widget Blueprint” and placed it in its own map (just like the Creating 3D Widgets page suggests).

Now I want the scene to react to what menu item the mouse cursor is hovering over.

I thought I could just add events to the “Widget Blueprint” (like [FONT=Courier New]OnEasyDifficultyHover / [FONT=Courier New]OnEasyDifficultyUnhover) – but I haven’t found any way to do so. Even Dispatchers appear to be something entirely different. How can I send a notification from the “Widget Blueprint” to the actor that’s displaying the menu? Or should I approach this another way?

Did it by adding a bunch of dynamic multicast delegates to my TitleGameMode. My Widget Blueprint uses GetGameMode, casts it to TitleGameMode, calls delegates when receiving *Hover/*Unhover events.

Finally, my Level Blueprint binds to those events in BeginPlay and can from there on out do anything it pleases to any actor in the map.

Good solution? Bad solution?