How to Match Skeletal mesh transform position with Anim mesh

Hello, i have a really simple model for ear membrane surgery simulation i made in maya

i ve been searching on internet for days but had no luck to find the solutions…

SO… lets say i have modeled a membrane model represented as the green wireframe on it and a cartilage model with the red wireframe in the picture.

but the first position of the models and size of cartilage model (red) aren’t correct like what i wanted. (i want the models to face X axis not Z axis)

Therefore i made some joints and Locator (In maya to reduce the scale size of cartilage model)
and parent constrain them to curves (for controller) and world controller. after that I rotated the world controller 90 degree facing X axis in Maya
like what i wanted.

Now the model positions and size are correct, so i proceeded to select the model and joints then export them to Unreal engine.

BUT the problem is in Unreal engine when i import FBX i got 3 assets which are skeletal mesh, anim mesh, and physics asset

the Left one is the skeletal mesh with incorrect position facing Z axis in Unreal engine scene WHILE the Anim mesh on the Right side is totally fine and facing the X axis just like

what i wanted.

I have no clue on whats the real problem here, im thinking that unreal engine brought the model as ORIGINAL POSITION ( before binded skin) and no matter if i edited the size or rotated them

in Maya scene they re look just right but in Unreal engine only the Anim mesh is same like the Maya scene.

I know i must be missing something so Please Help what actually the problem is?