How to manage sessions and dedicated servers?

Hey everyone,

I’ve tried looking in every resource or example at disposal (UE souurce coode, UT, ShooterGame ecc…) to get an idea of how can I set up dedicated servers with my custom settings, but I still can’t get it.

Here below I’ve expained how I believe this stuff works, please correct me because I am surely wrong on some points :slight_smile:

Session creation:
-Listen servers: there’s the need to set up some UI to be able to configure the FOnlineSessionSettings that will be used to create thesession
-Dedicated servers: the FOnlineSessionSettings are set up with the command line. (Like let’s say “MyPath\MyGameServer.exe ?Map=“MyMap”?GameMode=“MyGameMode”?MyMatchTime=20?MyUselessCustomSettings=“none””)

Making the FOnlineSessionSettings have an effect on the behavior of the server:
simple: IDK :smiley:
-I’d need to set up map cycling in my case so i may need to know a bit more aboutt this.

Filtering sessions:
I am pretty sure that here i just need to set up the right FOnlineSessionSearch’s QuerySettings. And they’d have to match with the FOnlineSessionSettings of the found FOnlineSessions.

Thanks in advance for anyone that’ll try giving me an helping hand on this. It is quite hard to always solve problems by myself with such a huge codebase.


Please post here if you are having the same problem, so we can get some more attention.