How to make video footage emits sync light?

Hey folks,

I want to make a tv that emits lights in the room based on the fps footage of the video(texture)?

Any ideas how to do that? It shouldn’t be anything fancy neither RBG colours, just different contrast of white will do.


You could do it manually -> so in your blueprint add a light and then change it’s intensity/colour/… depending on the footage (with a timeline) :slight_smile:

Thanks as always , do you know a trick to make that light not effecting the brightness, because the results are not authentic.

Hmm, you could just add another light which will be “static” (so you dont change the brightness) and then use the upper bp setup for the 2nd light -> it will probably look more realistic now.
Otherwise just use one static light + enable emissive in your material -> will also look good :slight_smile: