How to make two blueprint class trigger events with one key

i have an elevator door which is built by using two blueprint class one for the outer door which stay in the floor level and just open and close and the other is for the inner elevator room which opens its own door and move up and down throw different floors i want to use one key to open both doors but it seems that only one blueprint class is triggering at a time either the inner door or the outer one.

this picture shows the two overlapping trigger box for both doors.

while this one shows how there is actually two doors

And this is a print screen for the blue print for both classes

i simply wants to prsee G and open both doors.

How about in one blueprint, you use Get all actor of class node to get the instance of the other class, then when you press G, open/ close the current blueprint and call the function to open/ close of the other blueprint?

Well i can’t, because i did it as a class blue print so i can copy the outer door throw all floors while there will be only one inner door going up and down with the room.
So i think the easiest way is to separate them

I see that both your outer door and inner door both got trigger box, so can they both fire begin overlap event at the same time when player get into the elevator? If they can, then inside both blueprint, you can use a boolean variable to indicate whether player pawn is overlapping with the trigger box. Then you move the G event button to your custom player controller, get all actor of both class, check for the overlapping boolean variable, if it is true, call the function to open/ close door.