How to make the different blueprints work together?

Hi, I’m an experienced UDK and kismet user, so now I am trying to get into and learn UE4 and blueprint. I can see a lot of improvements in blueprint so far and it has been good to work with. However I have a question that is hopefully pretty basic that someone can answer.

You can have many different blueprints applying to many different parts of the game, to make it more like scripting. A playerController blueprint, a HUD blueprint etc. Then of course the main level blueprint. What I’m trouble with is how to do things like change the HUD or playerController in the main game. Specifically right now I want to change the mouse cursor in game. So that when you mouse over or click on something it changes. In the playerController blueprint there is a very nice “set mouse cursor” node. However you can’t set up any triggers in the playerController blueprint from the level. I would want a “onBeginCursorOver (levelActor)” node to set off the “set current mouse cursor” node. However these two nodes are incompatible in their respective blueprints.

I have seen this on some other things as well while fooling around and testing things. The perfect nodes to do what I want exist, but they can’t exist together.

I haven’t done any tutorial or taken any classes on UE4, hoping that my UDK and kismet knowledge would be enough of a starting point to teach myself. So am I missing something here? How can I make things like this work?

Thank you, I appreciate any answers.

first because you kow udk someting has changed you cant now from the same node power a lot of stuff you need to do it from node to node so is not the same but because in udk there wasent class bp let me explain with a example there is 3 people in the game everyone has a player controller the first one player controller 0 the secend 1 the third 2 if is single player then there is only player controller 0 if you need to tell to it what controlled connect the on begin cu… connect it to the change cu… and to the change cu… connect get player controller to the target and to get the mouse out you need to set the bool show mouse cursor if you need more help just say