How to make sure my application fulfill EULA entirely?

Dear Epic,

As our company is about to release our product to the public early next year, we’d like to make sure our application fulfills the Unreal Engine End User License Agreement for Publishing entirely to avoid unnecessary violations and disputes.

We’ve just submitted the release form via your website. The product is called D5 Render for your reference. We would like to know how this is going to work? Shall we send you the installer for auditing? Please advise.

Thanks & Regards,
Zach Bai Lu

No need! We don’t require you to submit a build to us for review. Thank you for submitting the release form.


Thanks for your kindness. What we are trying to avoid is that once we sell thousands of copies, and Epic or your affiliates start to press the button and say, well you kind of violated our EULA so you must buy our custom license. This is what exactly happened to us before when integrating commercial open-source solutions in our product.

So we’d like to coop by all means and make sure the compliance is safe and sound.