How to make skidmarks that come out of your car's wheels when turning

This is my question, I tried to search online but I haven’t found anything (you can post a video which helped you I might have not seen it) But I want to make the car make skidmarks which align to the ground from where the car’s wheels have been.

anyone know?

How can no one know when so many games used skidmarks

It is a very basic approach.
You check, based on stance, if the vehicle is “drifting”.
If true, you activate the VFX Emitter on the tires.

It took me several seconds, finding some notable examples.

Vehicle trails in UE4 tutorial
UE4 Advanced Vehicle System / Sounds, Exhaust, Skid marks Tutorial

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Can’t do better than that

Here is also a 100% FREE singleplayer / multiplayer CAR project complete with skid marks (watch the videos in the first post). So if taking stuff apart is better than watching tutorials for anyone (it certainly is a faster workflow if you can learn that way), then keep an eye out for these kinds of gems. Other creators with valuable free projects listed here. Good luck! :+1:


Search content creation forum for chaos vehicle skid.
There was an ongoing topic back about 6 months ago maybe a year a go by now? At the edge of .24/25 when chaos vehicles were just being included.

As I recall it explained how you’d implement the physics of it yourself.