How to make simple cutscenes?

I was looking into GameMaker Studio or Contruct 2 as my game-maker and leaning towards the latter when someone told me about Unreal Engine. I’m a pro in 3dsmax with a focus on everything characters–modeling, texturing, skinning, animating, etc.–so I’d love to use Unreal to make a basic Street Fighter-like fighting game, such as with the side-scroller blueprint, since I don’t see a fighter blueprint in the marketplace, or a Tekken-like one with the third person blueprint, but I need simple 2-D cutscenes–many many cutscenes–to tell the story in my game, which is actually more story than game, and it’s very simple to make such cutscenes in Construct 2, by simply plopping an image for the background, two character png images facing each other, an audio file compiling all the voice-acting and other applicable sound effects and music, and voilà. How do I go about making such cutscenes in Unreal Engine?

For such cutscenes you need:

-matinee →
-all the needed sprites (background, characters,…)
-flipbooks → when you need animations. You create them with sprites
-the audio files
-a trigger which will play the matinee track when the player reaches something

Now just place everything and record it with matinee or do it in the engine with a trigger and in-game scene :slight_smile: