How to make multi layered textures?

How can you make multi layered textures?

Or maybe a simpler question… how can i brush some rock on my grass textured landscape?
I just started with Unreal engine… so its a noob question maybe… but i cant seem to work it out :slight_smile:

Hello again!
In UE, this is called the “Landscape Material”. Not sure what Unity does for this type of thing, but in UE, its magical. Your first stop would be to YouTube to watch vids on making the landscape material. But, you have some choices first. Does your landscape need tessellation or parallax? If so, I’d recommend this tutorial; this material looks fantastic:

This is a dynamic material that applies layers by itself based on land height & you can also paint layers:

Or, if you feel like spending a few bucks to save a whole heap of time (If you want to learn, don’t ever buy) then I recommend checking out the Marketplace and search for ready made Landscapes with the type of ground you’re looking to build on.