How to make Meshes follow Path like a Train

Hi there, thanks - I’m quite adept with blueprints so that’s not the issue. I cannot use spline points because I want to add more boxes as the player progresses (like in snake). But you’re suggestion with the interpolation sounds reasonable, however I’m not sure how I can use this for multiple boxes, as if they were connected by a wire. Thanks anyway, I’m going to try out a little more and maybe I come up with a first solution :wink:

Hello there,

I have multiple boxes (Instanced Static Mesh Component) in a straight row. When the player moves I want these boxes to follow the player around as if they were connected (like a train or like in the game snake).

Does anyone have an idea what’s the math behind this because I literally have no clue how to start this :confused:

Thanks for your suggestions! Kind Regards.


You can do this using BluePrints. Here is how I would do it. I would get the Manenquin Actor’s location and set the Box Actor’s location. Lookup ‘Set Actor Location’, ‘Get Actor Location’ in Blue Prints.

Something like this.
BoxActor Location = manenquin Actor Location - 10

So when the manenquin moves, the box moves as well . You can use interpolation when you move the box from old location to the new location so the movements are smoother.

Also check out Spline points. You can place these boxes on spline points.

Hope this helps