How to make lines of dialogue by time?

Hi, i am a student and i am doing my final project, the problem is, i am a writer and i don’t know how to use the engine, and unfortunately, my team does not know either (we did not find a programer).

So, i am learn.

I saw some tutorials and i was able to make appear and change the subtitle by pressing a key, but i want that the subtitles change alone, after some time, and the time can be different depending on the dialogue line.

Unfortunately, all the others tutorials i saw ending up being the same thing. Or it is a dialogue tree, where it is necessary to press the button to change the dialogue, or if have a time, it is the same time for all dialogue lines, even if the size of the lines are different. And i don’t want this.

I just want to make a normal dialogue, show the subtitles like another games. How can i do this?