How to make it so that other players see my character's head rotated towards where I'm looking?

Hi folks,

I’m just slowly learning UE4. I’m working towards a generic FPS game. I’ve so far got my player controller and stuff setup so that my character has a first person mesh and a third person mesh that others see. I spent a few weeks learning some basic Maya and made a very basic character mesh with a skeleton and it can rotate its head and stuff.

In UE4, I’ve got it so that in an online game people can see my character walk around and rotate - all of that seems to come out of the box.

What I’m trying to do now is make it so that when other players see my character, they see the head rotated in the direction that I’m looking.

It’s my understanding that my player controller’s yaw and pitch are already replicated by default? This is why the rotation seems to work out of the box - at least rotation around the yaw.

So what does it take to go from that stock feature to making it so that others see my head rotated in the appropriate way? Should I be looking into blend spaces or aim offsets? Do I need to create additional variables to set and replicated or do the controllers default rotation already work enough for this?

I don’t need a step by step, just some pointers perhaps on what topics I should look into or perhaps a generic “heres how to do it” overview kind of thing.