How to make infinite size multiplayer world?

So I’m currently working on a MMO project, with a very large size (around ~3,000km[SUP]2[/SUP]). With the base world size being 20km, how would I make my world large enough so that I can have this large map run?

It seems world origin shifting doesn’t allow for this on a multiplayer project, nor does a dedicated server, or at least that’s what I’m gathering from documentation.

Forced loading screens at the world limits would let you extend out your world indefinitely by just making more levels.
or you could change the units you work at. Instead of making everything so that 1 unit = 1cm, you could make it so that 1 unit = 1m. that would give you a world size that is 100x the current ‘limit’, though this comes with some caveats.

make your own server solution then