How to make heightfog color match skysphere color?

I used to do unrealscripting and kismet back in the day, but I haven’t looked too much at blueprints yet and need some help.
I have a day/night cycle in my scene. As my directional light rotates, it goes darker as it reaches the bottom of the map, simulating night time. The skysphere color follows nicely along.

However, my heightfog stays the same, so It’s super bright and not matching the sky’s color at night.
How would I recommend I modify the fog at runtime to match it?

When you open the color picker for the height fog, you can touch the skysphere with the dropper tool:


Or do you mean procedurally at runtime?

EDIT: I just re-read it, you mean runtime. I think it might be best to just make the color black in that case… ( at night ).

I mean at runtime yeah, what I am struggling with is what nodes to use to extract the variable and to modify it.