How to make BP nodes with minimize options like print or playsound2D nodes?

The question is in the title lol :slight_smile:
I want to make some blueprintCallable functions but hide/show
some properties like maby built in nodes like PlaySound2D node.

Does anyone knows how to do it?


In the meta section of your UFUNCTION macro you add AdvancedDisplay = โ€œparamnameโ€.

So in this snippet, the RoundingStyle parameter would show up in that hide/show section.

UFUNCTION( BlueprintCallable, BlueprintPure = true, Category = Time, meta = (AdvancedDisplay = RoundingStyle, AutoCreateRefTerm = Duration) )
static int GetAs( const FDuration &Duration, const UTimeResourceDefinition *AsUnits, ERoundingStyle RoundingStyle = ERoundingStyle::ToPositiveInfinity );
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Thanks!!! Will try it!