How to make animations like Kubold?

I’d like to buy his animation packs, however I would need to add my own (like a chopping animation, for example). And I would hate to have his incredible animations, then suddenly have a weird, clunky chopping animation, ya know?

So, how would someone go about making animations that good? Did he use motion capture? Or is he just that good at rigging & animating?

I haven’t been able to find animations that good, no tutorials, or even other examples.

Any tips?

With lot’s of experience/practice you can create such high quality animations -> just watch basic animation tutorials and then try to create/improve your own ones. :slight_smile: It could be that he has used motion capture but even then you will have to overwork the animations in a 3d program (depends on how good the mocab is) :slight_smile:

  • A little tip from me, if you don’t have motion capture of certain animation (like chopping in your case), it’s a lot easier to keyframe it when having some references: Key poses or videos. Just search for some video with someone chopping and ‘rotoscope’ it. For example, choose a few key poses and set up bones like that in keyframes. After blocking out the animation like this, then you can add some more natural movement to transitions between these key poses, like a little hips twist/move, etc.

Nice tip, thanks. Adding hip movement is a world of difference. That’s what I like about Kubolds animations, seems like everything is moving so realistically at once…

Can’t believe I didn’t think to look at videos of the actions I’m trying to animate… But that’s why I posted :slight_smile: