How to make AIs jump with the crowd controller

Hi there, game producer here. We’re currently developing a side-scrolling game where the AIs navigate different possible paths to reach the player characters using various priority rules. Because of LD variations, there are sections to jump over, and other sections to climb. But because these are hordes of AI, we’re using the crowd controller to avoid the whole thing looking like individuals following a single line. That however makes it impossible to have them jump without using the smart navlink.

At first we added a new flag for navlinks making AIs fly from point A to point B. But this logic didnt work anymore with the crowd controller (flag not recognized). Then we tried to “launch” AIs from point A to point B using custom navlink logic and “Launch()” function, but this is way too random: AIs sometimes dont jump / AIs collide with decor when jumping / AI try to jump multiple times / etc…

Is there any way to make characters jump that would be more efficient taking all these parameters into account?