How to Make a Viable Select Screen?

So in the game that we are making, we need to make a good working character select and environment select screen. What we need to happen is once they select the character/scene then there will be a loading screen then the character and scene they chose will load up.

We kinda wanted to do something like for the character select screen where the player is suppose to scroll through actual 3D models, they’ll just be in their idle position for that. Is it possible for them to select them that way, or do we need the “Box style” character and scene select screen?

So can you tell me how to do this, I didn’t know if this was a blueprint thing or a C++ thing.

Nobody can help me?

Your question is really vague.

You can do what you ask with Blueprints or C++, just depends on your personal set of skills.

Right now I see there are 2 components for your question :

  • Streaming level management
  • 3D Models spawning

Both of them are quite easy to set up.

Well Yun-Kun, if they are so easy, why don’t you tell me how to do them?

I’m sorry if you felt like my answer was rude. Wasn’t my intention. It’s just that considering how vague is your question, it’s hard to give you an answer.

I think you should consider viewing tutorials about level streaming like this.

About your 3D scroll down menu the solution varies on what you want it to look like. But in the end it sounds like 3D models in a scene with a camera moving in and out as you scroll the mouse.

You’re going to want Game Instance.
Setup a base character class, and then make a variable for each slot.
Then set that slot to a particular object based on selection.

Thanks be to the both of you!