How to make a Timeline append rotation

I have an actor where I want to rotate the actor 180 degrees when F is pressed.
The things is that want it to rotate 180 degrees… and If I hit F again, I want it to rotate an additional 180 degrees, and I want it to rotate smoothly over time.

Any ideas of how to achieve this? I have been trying to do this using a timeline with a float-track that goes from 0,0 to 1.3,180 but no matter what I don my actor seems to always restart from 0 degrees or if I use a lerp it spins way to fast and doesnt stop.


Create floats variables called Current_Rotation, Initial_Rotation, Delta_Rotation,

Use the timeline to change the Delta_Rotation

Make BP equivalent of =>


set Relative Rotation (0, 0, Current_Rotation)

Pull the execution node from ‘Finish’ in timeline & set Initial_Rotation=Current_Rotation. (Effectively reset the initial rotation value)

The rotation number can stack up fast, so you may want a reset if it cross 360deg. Something like

if (Current_Rotation>360)
Current_Rotation = Current_Rotation-360

I hope its clear, otherwise, I can make a BP for you.