How to make a sound bp, turn only the first time that activated?

Hello guys

I’m really suffering to learn about bp, but i’m trying to do my best :slight_smile:
I having some problem in one situation, i made a Bp that turn the lights on,thats activated by keyboard: (E) and i want to make that play a evil sound of Lighting bolt when activated, ok, i made that but, all the times that i activate the bp the lightbolt plays and sounds funny :confused: the opposite that i wanted (that is: to sounds terrible)

The same with box triggers on the floor, have a possibility to make them play following event ?

For example, the players is walking on the corridor *walk on the box trigger" a evil laugh sounds on, go ahead try to open the dor, its locked, in the way back the corridor other bp sound is activated, someone whispering something and the laughs are no more activating!

Help me guys, if is possible of course!!

Thanks, that forum is amazing, is helping me a lot to learn new things


Just create a blueprint actor with a trigger volume in it. On the details panel select, on begin overlap.
From that get the actor and do an ==. Plug your player pawn into the other node on it plug that into a branch. If the branch is TRUE connect to a “DO ONCE” node, from that play your sound cue. I would personally create an audio component with an editable variable on it so then you can just drop the blueprint anywhere in the level, pick the sound effect and it will work everywhere with different sound effects

Thanks ZoltanJr!!!

And also thanks for the idea about doing a editable component in the audio, i will figure out how to do that!!
That branch command is nice, saved me!!
:smiley: :smiley: