How to make a pawn move for duration

I’m currently using launch to make the characters special move function but it’s not working to my liking. I need him to move until an animation finishes.

This is what it looks like currently Imgur: The magic of the Internet

But he stops before the animation is finished due to just being launched. What would I do to make him move in either direction until the animation is done playing? I know how to get duration but I can’t figure out how to make him move without launching


I think you can increase the max walk speed and the character’s acceleration and then use simple move to location node. When the animation is finished, reset the max walk speed, the acceleration and use simple move to actor node and for the goal, get a reference of the player character.

Hope this will be useful for you :smiley:

Hey !
Sorry for double post, I just did a little mistake : I told you “use simple move to location node” but you’ve to use “Add Movement Input” node.

Thanks for the tip! I ended up using the addmovementinput node with an event tick and got it working properly now :slight_smile: