How to make a one-way physics constraint to just affect the 2nd component


I am using a physics constraint to “tie” two components together. It’s working pretty well except that I don’t want the second component to “drag” the first one. I just want the first component to cause “dragging”.

The issue is that the 1st component should never be moved by the constraint. It’s like shooting an arrow with a piece of string attached to it, the string shouldn’t affect the arrow (much anyway). Only in my case the two components are meshes with the same weight and properties.

Is this possible to do? I have been playing around with the various settings, but I can’t seem to find a way to accomplish this.

It is not physically possible to do. If you were to try to hack it, then your simulation would have a tendency to generate infinite energy and “explode” (start spazzing out.)
The way to achieve what you want is to give the “non-affected” object a much higher mass than the “affected” object.