How to make a mowed lawn?

I’ve been playing with foliage (the meadow pack). I’d like to make tidy, mowed grass but I’m really not sure how to do that. Can anyone give me advice? Some foliage settings perhaps…

To make it look mown, you just want it short. In the tool you can just change Z:

Hmmm, I played around with changing Z and it seems to mess up density. I’ll give it another go and post some pics.


I’d be interested in your approach, if you wouldn’t mind to share your try. :o I’m working with the Meadow Pack too - but my outcome is ‘ok’, at least.

I just had a go with the meadow pack ( Grass_01_Var1_LOD0 ), it already looks cut!:

How ‘cut’ do you want it to look? :slight_smile:

Any more, and you might as well just use a texture with a good normal.

Thanks. I moved onto something else meanwhile… I’ll have another go at this tomorrow I think.