how to make a HUD

I’m still lost on making hud, I would like it to work like the ones I did with udk and scaleform. So I do need a textured background but how do I do the push button?

There is a good example in the “Content Examples” project.

Download it from the market and open the level called “HUD”.

It shows how to draw a button, and how to make it do something.

Basic stuff, but enough to get you started.

To get button functionality you need to draw a hit box over the interactive part of your texture. You also need to enable the mouse/mouse events (or other input) in the player controller. This can be done during gameplay so (for example) you can toggle a menu on and off.

Once you have the hit box setup you can add begin overlap, end overlap and click events so you can fire behavior off the hit box interactions with the mouse.

Mmm ok I see then, wish they (epic) will show how to use it little better. Maybe later someone will show more in the wiki


In this thread you have a link to a tutorial for huds and a lot of other stuff, all in blueprint.

Don’t forget to say thanks to the author. :wink: