How to Make a Cooldown

I have absolutely no clue how to make a cooldown and I was using this image:

And I have no idea how make the “Do Dodge” type node (I know there isn’t a node for “Do Dodge” but I’m just wondering what node that is

Thanks in advance

that’s a function, depending what you trying to do, that pic goes like this: input > compare the value of the cool down wait with the current game time > if larger (cool downs over) > then do the thing (in this case, run a function called do dodge)> get current game time and add 5 to it and set the new cool down. think of functions as little neat envelopes that contain code to do a thing, or multiple things, that you can “call” to run when ever you need them to

Thanks, although it’s not going to work if I don’t know what’s in that Function, any other ideas on actual working Cooldowns?

that is a fully working cool down, that function is just what that guy wants to have on cool down, like it could be the code for casting a spell or using a med pack or anything else that needs a cool down.
you dont need to know whats in HIS function, that’s related to HIS game and wont help you, you need to put the mechanic YOU need on cool down inside that function

Okay, I got it working :smiley: Thank you!