How to make a button only visible during development?

Is this possible?

You could try this… It gives you a disable for development only option per node.

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Thank you! Just what I needed.

FWIW I hope Epic have improved this, but whenever I’ve tried to use it before, it led to total chaos. Think projects with grayed-out sequences of nodes you can’t ever re-enable again. I don’t remember all the edge cases, but I think the problems stemmed from A. Upgrading between engine versions with disabled nodes (new editor version gets confused). B. Copying / pasting disabled nodes. C. Copying BP’s between other projects and other rigs.

So instead, I’d recommend leaning more towards an IsPIE solution. Is there a universal working option for this now built into the editor that works 100%? Maybe / maybe not. If not, you can always try my Run-In-Editor-only IsPIE hack on Answer-Hub and see if that still works. Don’t have time to track down the thread atm, but someone can always ping me…

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Thanks for the heads-up on potential problems using this.

Low entry have a With Editor is a free plugin

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Thanks for the info. Awesome plugin that provides all sorts of super useful nodes.