How to make a blueprint visible by touching another blueprint?

I put invisible cannons in blueprint, and I would like them to appear when I touch a specific flag. How can I do ?

Do you mean making visible a bluprint actor by touching another blueprint actor?

yes !!!

in the flag bp have a box collision. with the box collision selected gp tp the details panel and near the bottom click the onbeginoverlap button. this will create a onbeginoverlap node in the event graph. now off of that node → cast to (player character class here) → get all actors of class → for each → set actor hidden in game. you will just need to set the cannons default state to hidden in game in the details panel. also this will unhide all cannons in the level. if you want to target only specific cannons then switch the get all actors of class node for a array and make it editable so that you can set its values in the editor.