How to make a Black Board

I’ve been reading some AI tutorials and they ask me to create a data asset to make a black board. It tells me to right click the content browser and go to misc->data asset but the misc category does not exist in 4.6. I cannot find any way to make these blackboards in 4.6. Any direction on this would be hot.

Are you running 4.6.0 or 4.6.1? If it’s the former, there’s definitely a “Miscellaneous” category there, presenting an option to create a BlackBoard.

Currently upgrading to 4.6.1 to see what happens. Maybe something got lost on the way?

Tried 4.6.1 and couldn’t reproduce the problem there either.

Here’s what I see:


Are you getting something else?

0b244f4781b650e0678be44f605b96f1a2abc385.jpeg I’m using 4.6

Use the scroll bar on that dropdown menu.

That is a scroll bar on the right side of the menu (the lighter gray line along the right), click and drag it down and you should see the miscellaneous category.

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