How to make 3e person do a gun reload animation?? Cant get it done

Hello everybody,

I am vince kieft and i am making a 3e person shooter.
I have a problem with making a reload animation.

The problem is:
The animations for my character and my gun are seperated. When the game starts i spawn the gun actor in place and make the socket in the hand the parent of the gun so it follows the animations.
But for a reload animation i want to make the magazine come out and flow the hand and then get trown away and make a new magazine apear and place it in the gun.
HOW SHOULD I DO THIS?? i real have no idea if this is even possible.
Do i have to import the character and gun as 1 object and make the magazine follow the hand in animation?

I hope somebody know how to do this.

Thanks for your time and help :slight_smile:

Greethings Vince Kieft

bumping this thread.

i got the same problem.


Similiar problem. Actually my biggest thing right now is learning animations new nodes. I’m going to use the 3rd person reload animations and it doesn’t like to detect if I’m reloading. I’ve tried a variable that gets set to true while reloading and false when done…seems easiest would be place in charge blue print to make an event binding of some kind…but events don’t seem possible in the animation graph…ugh