How to maintain camera pitch while orbiting player?

I’m trying to make the camera hold it’s pitch while orbiting the player but can’t seem to figure it out. Heres a picture for reference. Any help is appreciated.

Just add component arrow and place where you want to translate your cam, then look on my nodes. Not ideal solution, you may want to use rotation instead of translation, but you get the idea, disable AddControllerPitchInput and use custom cam control instead, like this.

Get some problem with rotation, can’t use it. I decide use translation with some messy nodes, but it works fine, try tweak exponent and camera target location while you get fine translation.

Really messy and not optimized raw nodes, you can just tweak CameraBoom parameters.

Thank you so much, this definitely put me on the right track towards what I was looking for.

Can you show a blueprint that makes an actor orbit another please?