How to locate the Dominant Directional Light?

I did Google it, but all the results were about how to put lights and such, none about how to find the one you already have.
Btw, is there a place where to see a list of all items in the scene, and select them that way too?


Are you talking about UDK?. Because UE4 doesn’t have lights called Dominant Lights anymore. All lights just have one type, Directional Light, Point Light, Spot Light, and within the light you can pick the style of light, Static, Stationary or Dynamic. You can use the Scene Outliner to find objects in your level.

As for UDK, looking for Dominant Lights, open the Content Browser and then click on Scene. This gives you a list of all your scene objects.

Excellent! Thanks a bunch Obihb :slight_smile: