How to Load a Level in a special Location?

How to Load a Level in a special Location?
Use BluePrints

When you load a level it comes with it’s own coordinates, so you can’t exactly place it anywhere… just the location of your player within it.

So you are talking about sub-levels? I don’t think you can procedurally place sub-levels in the world with blueprint yet. You have to place them by hand in the editor using world machine.

It would be great if Epic would give us the ability to procedurally spawn the sub-levels wherever we want them using blueprint, but for now you will need C++.

Yeah,World Composition can do that in the editor, so i think maybe we can do it procedurally use blueprint.

You couldn’t a few months ago, and I haven’t heard of the capability being added. Definitely would be a great addition though if not in yet.