How to listen to online radio without downloading the app

I just bought a phone, and I want to listen to online radio on the web, but it is very demanding and very complicated, using the limited number of channels application is not suitable for me. I’m looking for some more sites that provide live radio to listen to, can someone share a little more for me.

So you want to start an online radio station? With today’s technology it is very easy and quick to start an online radio station of your own. You will need a reliable internet radio hören connection, a high quality audio recorder (or soundboard), a microphone, a speaker, a program for uploading the audio and a few other pieces of equipment that you might already have lying around in your home. With these things setup and available you can put together your very own station within minutes. A radio station can be a very enjoyable way to interact with others and provides a unique form of entertainment that online radio listeners can enjoy. The Internet now makes it possible for anyone to create their own online radio station, so why not give it a try!

How is this related to UE4?