How to link certain bone of a character with certain parts of another character?

Hi ,

I am creating a horse riding , and while I have created proper animation for mounting on horse , I need to link several bones to the horse sockets , like character hip will be always on the saddle socket , and the hands will always hold the whips.
But using transform bones I am unable to get desired result when I am using a Curve value to get the frame when hip needs to be on the saddle and modifying hip translation based on the curve value.


The above setting is not working and I am getting undesirable result as shown below. Please help. Which setting should I use.


I have a similar issue. I was trying to get the locations of sockets from another mesh that was a part of the same character blueprint, and attach bones from the child mesh onto that one. But either they never move or they end up really displaced like your image. I can get it to dump a string of the position of the bones/sockets… but actually aligning other bones from something onto them never seems to work.

I’m sorry to bring this up, but has it been resolved?

You can try changing the transform bone from the pelvis to the root assuming that the roots rotation transforms XYZ is 0 0 0.

The logic is the animations are absolute to the local transform component so if the XYZ in local space is say 90 -90 0, as it is set to in the transform (modify)bone then then that’s the rotation of the hips (pelvis) will be forced to rotate to as an offset of the root bone.

The other fix if the hip (pelvis) bone is required is to do the transform as an additive by getting the current rotation and plug it into the rotation value of the transform (modify)bone but it would be best practice to bind the roots to A-B sync the players riding animation to the horse animations.