How to link a Project File Link in the Marketplace submission?


I have my Unreal folder containing my Config, Content, etc, and my project files for the mesh I try to put on the marketplace. And I see that I need to link some sort of ‘‘Project File Link’’, what is it, what do I need to do in order to convert my Unreal folder to get a Project File Link?


I question this to.

AFAIK you have to upload a compressed version of your project in a web space of your choice and provide Epic guys the link to a working copy of it prior to marketplace admission.

how we can zip our project

If you are using version 5.0 or above, use File, Zip Project, choose a location to put the file, albeit it doesn’t seem to want to go anywhere else other than the root of the project.

On earlier versions, you need to Zip the project manually then open it and delete all folders OUTSIDE of the Content Folder (Don’t delete that folder).
Then INSIDE the Content Folder, delete all folders that are not directly related to your project… (i.e. keep Mesh, Script, Materials, Textures, Blueprints, if they are used in your project)