How to keep the sun from lighting my landscape?

Here is my problem, I have a landscape that was created through photogrametry. It already have strong shadows on it’s diffuse texture so I don’t want it to be affected by my virtual sun. What I do want though is for objects added in my scene to receive shadows cast by the landscape, and for the objects to cast shadows onto the landscape. To do that I matched my virtual sun as close as I could with the shadows on the diffuse texture of the landscape. How do I keep my landscape unlit yet able to receive and cast shadows from and to other objects?

How do I keep my landscape from being lit by the sun yet still cast shadows onto objects but not onto itself? Ideally I want the landscape to react to other lights in my scene, I only have a problem with the sun.

You’re going about it the wrong way; the normal approach is to remove all lighting information (or at least as much as possible) from your diffuse texture.

I know about that approach but there is no way I’ll be able to do this, the light is too strong on the diffuse, it was a bright sunny day. I’m not going for absolute realism here so I don’t mind using a trick that does an ok job to avoid having to remove lighting information from the diffuse. But if there is no other way then I can try doing that, even though I know from experience this won’t look good unless I put hours into texture painting it which kind of defeat the point of using a generated landscape from photogrammetry anyway.

You can keep the picture and using something like gimp or krita ( krita is amazing)and use its filters to DIM the light . you’re not losing the image just toning it down some.

can’t you change your photogrammetry materials to be unlit? At least by some amount by pushing emissive.