how to keep aim offset from popping AI character?

I have created a head look system, using aim offset, for my AI character that has him dynamically looking around at things in the world. It works pretty well most of the time except for a couple problems.

Problem 1:

When the character looks as far in one direction as he can, sometimes he will pop to looking in the opposite direction as far as he can. Is there any way to clamp this or something to prevent the popping? The aim offset is achieved via a normal aim offset node. The values I feed into the node are generated in c++.

Problem 2:

If the animation has a head turn baked into it, my AI character will not be looking in the right place. What’s the best way to nullify the baked in animated head turns so my dynamic head turn code will be looking in the right place?

Interpolate your input instead of attaching it directly to the aimoffset.