how to interact scene and UMG?


Is there any way to interact between UMG and scene?

For example, in scene, player touches coin like item, then the coin flies thru screen and explodes over UMG.

How can I make effect like this?

The path for coin is not a problem. but zorder makes(each of rendered scene and UMG) this projectile unable to fly over UMG.

Plus, are there any way to draw UMG for least zorder? (like background)

these questions go same in 4.8

Scene elements can not be drawn on top of UMG 2D UI. You’d need to make a version of the coin you spawn in the UI as a flipbook material or a static texture widget that flies into the coin box/pouch/field.

Not sure I understand the question about drawing umg for least z-order. The order of widgets is logically determined based on the parent structure of widgets. A child widget can not draw before a parent. Some (just canvas) widgets, allow you to provide a Z-Order on children that overrides the order when sorting the draw order of the children of the canvas. However, that order will not affect the order of the widget outside of the canvas.


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Hi Ben.

Please share!