How to increase Stationary Sky Light Quality?

Hi everyone,

currently I am playing around with Lightmass (not GPU Lightmass) and I am trying to add stationary Sky Light for HDR lighting to the scene.

Setting the Sky Light Mobility to static works and looks like this:

The sun in the HDRi is creating a very nice shadow.

However, changing the mobility of the Sky Light to stationary is creating this kind of result:

The docs say “shadowing and light bounces” will be captured with stationary Sky Lights. I don´t see this here. No self shadows and in general very bad quality.

What is going on and how can I can reach the static lighting quality from above with stationary Sky Light mobility?

Mobility of object is set to static.
Unreal Engine version is 4.23.1 (DX11/non-RTX mode)

I appreciate any help.



I really don´t mind that you promote your product here and it, I must admit, looks solid.

However, why don´t you help me out with this little question and then promote your product. This sales way better.

Were you responding to a spam message that was moderated out? O_o

Aside from that, did you bake lights after making changes?


yeah, 3darchstuffs seems to be willing to only share information for 250$.

And yes, I baked. I was really wondering why this happens. Stationary lights are supposed to look more HQ than Static, but in this case it is not like this.

Would be super super nice if anyone could test a similar setup with a present sun in the HDRI and post his result.

Again: Currently I am working with regular CPU lightmass and I used a sky light for lighting only.