How to increase framerate?

Hello everyone.

I’ve have some trouble with my framerate.

My scale settings are low and i have hidden the landscape and the ocean in game but i have 15 fps , my Gpu is the last RTX 1070 and my CPU is not that bad too.

Plz help me so i can begin to developp the game itself.

The quality of that screenshot is so bad it is impossible to read the whole thing but it looks like your game thread is being eaten up by some logic you are running on tick.

in the first screenshot from stat unit it seems clear it’s either the rendering or the GPU that’s causing the bottleneck. read more about gpu profiling and optimization - a stat game is not enough at this point and your screenshots are not helping to understand the problem

Sorry but the forum dont let me load fullscreen images , i m gonna look the logics , i think its a good solution.

Convert your screenshot to jpg and upload in a readable res. Also, for the love of god dont use tick ever, unless its movement.