How to improve my huge size landscape?

Greeting, I am new to huge map design and don`t know how to resolve the below

I have three problems

  1. How I can give a proper light to dark area? my viewport only lit certain area(seems like it depends on camera view)

  2. The foliage quality became very low depend on the distance. I have set my cull distance of foliage to 0 to display all foliage in the map
    (This project is for the cinematic not for the game)

  3. My lighthouse size became huge when I move my camera to left or right (not to forward direction… weird)

Your answer will be highly appreciated.

Thank you.

Currently using ‘Dynamic volumetric skies’ which using two directional light(sun, moon) skylight and height fog.

Dynamic skies can control those light sources by single BP but it does not override unreal lightening system, it is just a controller

Mesh distance field is enabled for ocean rendering

In below, I have attached whole my basic settings

I have changed the options relating to light intensity but it only affect camera focused area, the other area(dark area) is not affected from my light settings.

and also I have installed light importance volume and postprocessing volume in dark area but it is not working too

Much better, thank you very much sir. you have saved my life T_T

I was keep looking my landscape material nodes about far field and near field…

By changing the height fog, the strange distortion of my lighthouse is also solved thank you very much