How to Import Vehicle Model Physic Asset?

Hello everyone,

I have a FBX vehicle model and i configure it as drivable skeletal mesh. But the import doesn’t come with a physical asset. ( where the body shape / skeleton is drawn accurately)

Can someone help me, how to do i import a skeletal mesh inside Unreal Engine with physic asset.
PS: Currently i don’t have 3ds max installed. I will be very great if someone would be willing to help and i can send them to file.

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Just create the asset in engine.…ile/index.html

Also, it’s an option within your FBX import. You probably have it set to off

Sadly creating the physics asset in the engine doesn’t make it as precise as it is with an actual skeleton exported from 3ds max inside the fbx file.

Would anyone be kind enough to help me out using 3ds max?

The import and creating it manually have exactly the same process.
it’s not like collision where you can control the UCB/UCX meshes.

your imported car is already a skeletal mesh.
if you added more bones that aren’t actually used just to control the collision, that’s both a bad practice and bad for performance.

just create the collision for the PHAT asset manually using the boxes/sphere options. You can get fairly detailed with less of a performance loss then adding useless bones.

To a point though. High precision on the PHAT asset is kind of useless. It works mostly at run time and its direct purpose is to balance the physics of the car more so then to create collision events.