How to Import Assets Into UE 4?

Hey guys, this is probably a question that has been answered previously, but here is my problem;

I have just finished creating an object/asset in 3ds max 2015, but i don’t know how to import it into Unreal Engine?. What file type do I save it as? FBX? where do i save it to, like is there a certain folder?

I have been using CryEngine for quite sometime, so i thought i might start having a go at UE 4.

Thanks in advance

export it to fbx(UE4 also supports obj), it doesn’t really matter where you save it and then just click import find the fbx you want and click import or import all if your importing multiple models.

this link has all the info you should need FBX Content Pipeline | Unreal Engine 5.1 Documentation

hope that helps:)