How to import a R32G32B32A32 full float HDR texture?

Hi all,
I have an EXR file, with full float precision R32G32B32 HDR value.
Then I import this file into Unreal Engine, and set Compression Settings to “HDR(RGB , no sRGB)” , and render it in scene.
Then I capture a frame via RenderDoc and I see the texture format is “R16G16B16A16”, with half float precision HDR value.

I would like to know how to render Textures with full float precision, thanks for every answer.

Hardware: RTX 2060 (support R32G32B32A32 graphic texture format)
System : Windows 11
Unreal Engine: 4.27 & 5.0.2
Graphic API : DX 11
Image File:
vertex_animation_textures1_pos.exr (8.6 KB)

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